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Our Customers Speak

"I remember one of my first websites. I was convinced that I could do it cheaper myself and I sent the bare costs over $2000! –and at that rate I did not include the countless hours involved. Most of that money was spent on services that I didn’t even need."

-Jay McDonnnell

"When we registered our domain, It was exciting. We never thought our business would grow as much as it did. We could have had our pick of names, but we only purchased only one. Now we are shipping overseas and someone has registered our name there and is selling a similar product. It was cheap to take the steps back then. Now it would be a nightmare."

-Mark Johnson

We thought we were getting a deal when we hired college students to do our website. All we ever got out of the deal was a  logo and a live website with the wrong contact information. Later we could not even change our email settings. With the guys at BBBit.net, we don't have these problems."

-Jim Martin

A Service that can be purchased in parts

We can handle your entire internet experience or you can just use the parts that suit you. We have service websites to fulfill your Information Technology needs. Read more about them here.

The internet and websites can be daunting even when you know what you are doing. Your costs can go through the roof. When it comes to the internet - It's nice to have someone who knows, tell you what works.

We scale our service to meet your needs. You may only need a part of one of our full service plans. We have developed individual service websites that you can use for very specific needs. Do you need only a detailed design for your website? Check DesignBanker.com.  Are you Looking to establish domain names? Use DNSbanker.net Do you already have your website and you just need to post it? Get an account at HostBanker.com We offer our clients flexibility that is oft absent from most Information Technology systems. You can purchase pieces or parts and bolt on what suits your needs. That is, our service is scaleable.

http://www.DNSbanker.net  Go here to transfer your name, it will cost you $8 or so but it extends your registration for another year, so it is a pretty inexpensive option, We support it, and gives you the total access that you need. Get the .COM, .NET and .US for the name you choose. You might also think about plurals and/or “near names.”

 http://www.HostBanker.com  Web Hosting is the physical programming that resides on the Internet. It is a specially programmed “folder” that is connected to a high powered internet backbone over 99.9% of the time. Where DNSbanker helps you organize your internet names, HostBanker allows you to manage your website program. We will handle your email accounts at setup, and minor web changes with your full service contract.

http://www.SupportBanker.com  will give you tutorials so you can understand how to use your account. You can go to the website and watch short “movies” or "video's" that demonstrate how you can make your account work. Change email accounts? alias? frame forward? statistics? How to do it is all there.

http://www.TicketBanker.com  We believe in productivity. With this website you can generate work orders for our technical staff. It also has a "Knowledge Base" (KB). If the problem is described in the work ticket, we usually take our full service clients through a phone interview. You have our private KB at your service.

http://www.DesignBanker.com  How are you going to balance your time between getting this thing done, meeting with past clients and meetings with new ones? You are in marketing mode and your website can help you deliver the message. Don’t wait, especially if you are marketing to prospective clients right now. Your message is on the internet almost instantaneously, and your finished website is well underway. We get your message out there, and we get it out there fast.

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