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Your Service Plans

We believe that to work productively, we must serve you at the lowest cost to you and make our services highly valuable.

Since we offer our services at prices  so low, we use telephone appointments to make both of our organizations run at peak performance.

You don't have to spend hours signing up at individual websites, we do all that for you. We complete everything for you and send you a report. Isn't that the way you thought it should be?

With us it is. We call it
"True Service"

Our customers told us about the nightmare web contracts they suffered through, and we decided to come up with something different. You are in control. We deliver results.

You can feel assured you've made the right decision when you see how we handle your account.

Full Service Information Technology Plans

We have plans that  start as low as $100 per month. Start at the lowest price regardless of the level of service you want. We prove ourselves as we take you through your internet process. Later, you can decide which direction you want us to take.

Work at your own pace
On our Services page, you can find a summary description of the service centers that we offer. If you are not ready to take on your part time IT department, why not sign up at the websites individually? It allows you to pick and choose services, and perhaps move at a slower pace. Some clients just use our domain  name services, Others do their own websites and just use the server services. We give you the options that allow you to control your development.

You get the best value when you sign up with our full service plans.
Other than your personal review, you don't need to visit our service websites or even your own website for that matter. With a full service plans, we do all your internet for you.

$100 USD per month buy it
Maintains your web presence and email. We do all your server configurations and train your office staff to set the email addresses on the individual computers at your location. You have the ability to create websites online using our professional website creator.

$400 USD per month buy it
We set up temporary websites for each of your businesses or web addresses based upon your schedule. Scaled and priced to fit your needs..

$600 USD per month buy it
We set up a temporary website and complete a complex stand alone website with email and other extras that include response forms with autoresponder control. At this level you still must deliver clear coherent content. This level gets you one temporary website set up immediately and the semi-complex website with updates.  It pays to go with the full service levels. You save money.

$1600 USD per month buy it
Here our wordsmiths take a larger responsibility for the content of your semi complex website.  At this level, your involvement is limited to interviews and reviews with either you or your employees. You get the most for your money.

There are always additional options like advanced promotion, graphic formatting, photography, modeling, shopping cart options, and complex database development. You are given the options before we take action so you have the ability to run any project at your pace. Are you using your web presence as a profit center as well as a sales / technical information augmentation? We'll show you how to be effective on the internet. How fast we get there is up to you.

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